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Vehicle Maintenance

To ensure that your vehicle has a long life, preventative maintenance is key. From filters to fluid changes, belt changes and more.


Battery Change

We have wide range of bolt battery's in house. Just pop in and we'll sort you out.


Tires Fix & Replacements

Puncture repairs and wide selection of tires to fit your vehicle. tires will be mounted and balanced. 


Tow Truck

Tow services are available just call us and we'll make arrangements.


Oil & Break Checks

Oil changes are key to keeping your engine happy and healthy we use Gulf westerns finest engine oils to ensure your vehicle is in tip top shape. When we do oil changes we like to do a once over to insure that your vehicle is safe for both you and other road users.


Engine Repairs

We love jobs like these weather its a cam-belt or your engine needs to be pulled apart we have got you covered.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!
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